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TUT Research | No.10 (September 2017) has been published.

Post date:13/Sep/2017

We are pleased to inform you that the 10th issue of TUT Research vol10.png
e-Newsletter from Toyohashi University of Technology
"TUT Research" has been published.

■ TUT Research | No.10 (September 2017):

e-Newsletter "TUT Research" has been published since July 2015,
to publicize the research activities of Toyohashi University of Technology.

Since then, many articles from the newsletters have been introduced in
various news sites around the world.


Mastering Data Science - semantic understanding of multifarious big data and its social implementation
Masaki Aono

-Discovery of "Helical Molecular Glue"
Hideto Tsuji
-Human Pose Estimation for Care Robots Using Deep Learning
Jun Miura
-The World First Asymmetric Synthesis of Halogenated Compounds from Carboxylic Acids
Kazutaka Shibatomi

-Special Lecture on "The Minimal Fabrication of Semiconductor Devices and its Social Impact"
-International Conference of Global Network for Innovative Technology and AWAM International Conference in Civil Engineering - IGNITE-AICCE'17

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