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TUT Research | No.13 (May 2018) has been published.

Post date:31/May/2018

TUT Research vol13.pngのサムネイル画像We are pleased to inform you that the 13th issue of e-Newsletter from Toyohashi University of Technology "TUT Research" has been published.

■ TUT Research | No.13 (May 2018):

e-Newsletter "TUT Research" has been published since July 2015, to publicize the research activities of Toyohashi University of Technology.

Since then, many articles from the newsletters have been introduced in various news sites around the world.



Realizing 3D Displays and Hologram Memory through Nanomagnetic Materials
Mitsuteru Inoue

-First Step towards Practical Application of Holographic Memory with Magnetic Assistance
Yuichi Nakamura
-Ultrastretchable and deformable bioprobes using "Kirigami" designs
Takeshi Kawano
-New Smaller Laser Achieved One-Digit Higher Output
Taichi Goto
-"Islands" of Cell Membrane Components
Ryugo Tero

-TUT receives highest score in midterm assessment for MEXT Top Global University Project