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TUT Research | No.11 (December 2017) has been published.

Post date:15/Dec/2017

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We are pleased to inform you that the 11th issue of e-Newsletter from Toyohashi University of Technology "TUT Research" has been published.

■ TUT Research | No.11 (December 2017):

e-Newsletter "TUT Research" has been published since July 2015, to publicize the research activities of Toyohashi University of Technology.

Since then, many articles from the newsletters have been introduced in various news sites around the world.


How Capturing the Movement of Ions can Contribute to Brain Science and Improve Disease Diagnosis
Kazuaki Sawada

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: "Social Implementation of TUT Innovated Technology!"
-Preface to the Special Issue
Kazuhiko Terashima
-"Resonance Q Theory" - A Breakthrough Discovered by TUT
Takashi Ohira
-Tackle Rat-run Traffic in Residential Areas in Collaboration with Road Administrators
Kojiro Matsuo
-The Progress of Machine Translation and How it Changes the World
Hitoshi Isahara
-Robotic Support for Regional Agriculture
Jun Miura
-Promoting a System That Effectively Utilizes Biomass from Organic Waste
Yoichi Atsuta and Hiroyuki Daimon

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