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TUT Research | No.12 (February 2018) has been published.

Post date:27/Feb/2018

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We are pleased to inform you that the 12th issue of e-Newsletter from Toyohashi University of Technology "TUT Research" has been published.

■ TUT Research | No.12 (February 2018):

e-Newsletter "TUT Research" has been published since July 2015, to publicize the research activities of Toyohashi University of Technology.

Since then, many articles from the newsletters have been introduced in various news sites around the world.


The Bright Side of Urban Shrinkage: Steps toward Restructuring Cities
Junichiro Asano

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: "Architecture and Civil Engineering to Protect and Enrich Living"
-Preface to the Special Issue
Yuzuru Miyata
-Seeking Large Spatial Structures Resilient to Earthquakes
Shoji Nakazawa
-Utilizing Digital Fabrication Tools to Enjoy Designing Chairs with Parents and Children
Akihiro Mizutani
-Study on Earthquake Resistance and Wave Resistance of Harbors and Coastal Structures
Tatsuya Matsuda
-Understanding the Sea Close to Us
Shigeru Kato