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2019 Report: GAC Global Leaders Seminar

Post date:30/Oct/2019

The GAC Global Leaders Seminar was held during late September and early October. This seminar was specially designed for Master's students on the Global Technology Architects Course (GAC) .

It was comprised of an active learning lecture held over 4 days. The topics for the days were: Day 1, Leadership and Teamwork; Day 2, Logical Thinking; and Days 3/4, Problem Solving & Facilitation.

The seminar is an opportunity for GAC students to review the experiences they have gained through the living and taking part in activities on the campus and at TUT Global House, as well as their overseas "On-the-Job training" and other experiences gained outside the campus.

In their reports, the students described their learning and increased awareness. One said he had already started using the skills and knowledge he had gained in the seminar to lead deeper discussions in his research and actively support junior students.

"GAC Global Leaders Seminar" is a mandatory subject for GAC students, and is taken in the first year of the master's program. It was held for the first time this year.