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2019 Report: Peer Session

Post date:07/Feb/2020

Peer Sessions for students on the Global Technology Architect Course are conducted 2-3 times in Spring/Fall semester. They aim to increase opportunities for non-virtual communication among students and create mutual and mental support among students through collaborative learning. Students are encouraged to support each other mainly by group work methods, with students in the same year dividing into small groups.

The content of the sessions varies, depending on the timing and grade of the students. For example, a "goal-setting sharing session", in which individual goals shared within a small group, and a session where students from different countries can discuss issues. In the first and second year sessions of the spring semester, lively discussions were held on the topic of "analyzing Japanese and local cultures with SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and searching for innovation opportunities."




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