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2020 Spring Report: Peer Session

Post date:07/Aug/2020

In the spring semester of 2020, we held online "Peer Sessions".
In Peer Sessions, students participated in monthly workshops on a variety of topics and learned from each other through discussions and activities with their peers in the same grade.
Although this semester's sessions were held online fewer times than planned, they have become a nice opportunity for students to see what their peers are doing and to talk to each other about what they are up to.

Spring semester's topic

  • May: Sharing your goals
  • July: How to write a "Reflection Report"

In the May session, students shared their goals about what they were aiming for in completing the course and action plans to achieve them. In the July session, they received instructions on how to write a "Reflection Report" and worked with their peers to write a part of the report. *

* GAC undergraduates commit to their own growth by setting goals at the beginning of the semester, acting upon them, and reflecting on them at the end of the semester (GAC self-growth model).


May Session: Sharing your goals

July Session: How to write "Reflection Report"




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