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Event report:Halloween Rally

Post date:12/Nov/2020

A Halloween Rally was held by GAC students' "TEAM Halloween."

Since it wasn't possible to hold a party like those held before the coronavirus pandemic, the team discussed ideas on "how to enjoy Halloween with the new lifestyle."

They decided on a "Stamp rally event," an idea that came from one of the TEAM members. The team embellished the idea and organized the "Halloween Rally" round it.

On the day of the Halloween Rally, students dressed in many different costumes and walked around the university to find the 'stamp spots' scattered around the campus. They receive candies from TEAM members.

Prizes were awarded to one student who were drawn from the participants who collected all the stamps, and to one student who won "the Best Costume Award."

Students used great ingenuity to enjoy the new lifestyle.

The stamp point.jpg
The stamp point
The winners & Best costume.jpg
The winners & Best Costume
TEAM Halloween.jpg
TEAM Halloween



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