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General Cleanup at TUT Global House: Residents and "TEAM Big-Cleanup" made it very clean!

Post date:01/Dec/2020

There was a student accommodation general cleanup on November 26.

Residents at TUT Global House cleaned up the common space in their units, as well as outside the buildings, and in the open square. "TEAM Big-Cleanup", a collaborative team of 'TEAM 5S" and 'TEAM Gardening", helped residents make the cleanup more efficient and enjoyable. TUT Global House really shone thanks to the cooperative work of residents and TEAM Big-Cleanup. It was also a good opportunity for resident students to meet friends face-to-face and work together in this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Comments from team cleanup:

"Thanks to cooperation of many people, I'm glad that GH has been cleaned up. I knew that it wouldn't be cleaned up without the cooperation of all students in GH. We would like to keep it clean."

"It was very nice to be able to get our units clean and tidy through the cleanup. We haven't had much time to clean the unit as we have been busy all the time. We are hoping that we can continue to clean up through next year and beyond, working as one. "

"It was fantastic to be able to work together with the students in TUT Global House for a cleanup, though it has been difficult to get together in large numbers this academic year. We feel comfortable because it became really clean. We are looking forward to the next cleanup and hope to have fun with the other students."




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