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Event report “TEAM Christmas” ~Global House Online Christmas Party~

Post date:18/Jan/2021

An Online Christmas Party was held by TEAM Christmas at TUT Global House and 33 participants made merry through the screen.

At party, each unit competed by decorating a Christmas tree and Christmas cake. There also was a photo contest.

Each unit received a Christmas tree and a cake beforehand for the participants to decorate in their own unique ways.

The members of TEAM Christmas used several online tools to organize the online party.

  • Message from TEAM Christmas

We held an online Christmas party on December 24th, 2020.

We decorated cakes and trees with the mates from our unit. It was great fun . Each unit shared their high-quality, unique art on SNS.

Through the screen, we could see each other's units and were able to share an enjoyable moment.

There was a live Christmas carol concert from one student. His voice was very mellow and melted everyone's heart. The best part of holding this party online was that we were able to see everyone's reaction and faces. This couldn't happen in the normal face- to- face party.

We also put decorations on Global House, played Secret Santa, and had a Photo contest.

At the Photo contest, people were sharing the Christmas spirit and it made everyone warm and exhilarated . One person's past colored someone else's today through sharing their Christmas photos. It was a great success to make people happy.

Secret Santa was also a success, bringing a warm feeling to everyone at Global House, thinking about who to give a present, and guessing who would be one's Santa.

The Christmas illuminations lit up our minds. I hope it was the same for everyone.

I would like to show my appreciation to everyone who participated in this event and shared their smile. This Christmas 2020 will remain in my heart.

I wish these dark and cold days would be over, and we will be able to see each other face- to- face.

Team Christmas 2020.12.25




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