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GAC's first graduates honoured with Global Leader Award

Post date:30/Mar/2021

Five students from the first graduates of the Global Technology Architects Course (GAC) have been awarded the Global Leader Award.

This award recognises students who have taken the initiative in demonstrating leadership in on-campus, regional and international activities, thereby promoting the globalisation of the University. The five students who received the award have made significant contributions in a variety of areas throughout their four years of undergraduate and master's studies since entering the University in 2017.

At the award ceremony, held on 23 March, they were presented with a certificate and commemorative gift by Executive Trustee, Vice President Kakuta, Director of Head Office for Top Global University Project. During the conversation that followed, the students reminisced about the hardships they faced in the early years of the GAC and pledged to continue to make the most of their experience as first-year students.




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