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“Global Skills Improvement Training” held during spring break

Post date:09/Apr/2021

Three training programs were held during spring break for GAC students to supplement their experience overseas in on-the-job training which was replaced with on-campus courses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Training was conducted online, with a total of 38 GAC students (including both Japanese and international students) participating.

Global Skills Improvement Training

  1. Global Skills Course
  2. Design Thinking + Workshop
  3. TOEIC Preparation Course

In the Global Skills Course and Design Thinking + Workshop components, participants gained various experiences through lectures, discussions and workshops conducted in English, which included exchanging their opinions on various topics, conducting and answering interviews, and making prototypes.
In the TOEIC Preparation Course, students studied intensively in small classes that matched their individual score levels.

① Global Skills Course (Language used: English)

  • The Global Skills Course developed six key skills: logical speaking, online meeting, facilitation, leadership, business presentations, and assertive feedback.
  • Total sessions: 6
Global Skills Course

② Design Thinking + Workshop (Language used: English)

  • In the Design Thinking Course, students connected with Silicon Valley, USA, and learned from Stanford University certified facilitators.
  • Total sessions: 3
Design Thinking + Workshop
Design Thinking + Workshop

③ TOEIC Preparation Course

  • The TOEIC course was divided into two specialized TOEIC preparation course levels according to student ability: a 730-point breakthrough course and a 600-point breakthrough course.
  • The course was conducted with small-sized classes, with six students or less in each class.
  • Total time: 16 hours
TOEIC Preparation Course
TOEIC Preparation Course
TOEIC Preparation Course



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