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A Makeup Workshop for Job Hunting Held at TUT Global House

Post date:03/Mar/2022

TUT Global House provides a wide range of cultural exchange programs designed to facilitate diverse encounters to help international and Japanese students living in the dorm acquire life skills: peer learning, wellness, and lasting friendships. As part of the program, a makeup workshop for Job Hunting was held.

Under the theme, "eyebrow makeup for job interview success in Japan," a professional makeup artist was invited to lecture and demonstrate how to apply eyebrow makeup properly for job interviews.

Participating students carefully trimmed their eyebrows, comparing their own eyebrows in the mirror with the model's. Some participants who were grooming their eyebrows for the first time commented, "I have realized how much eyebrows affect the impression you make," and "I was surprised to learn that in Japan, you sometimes need to adjust your makeup depending on the industry or type of job you are interviewing for."

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