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Global House Mentor Seminar

Post date:31/Mar/2023

Global House mentors support Global House student activities.

This Global House mentors are volunteer master students who have finished their Living and Learning Program at Global House, and they support students' life and learning at the Global House.

This mentor seminar is for mentor students to learn about the necessary skills and form a team to maximize their performance as mentors.

At the seminar, they learned about leadership/followership and communication method, then discussed about their dream plans. The unique and wonderful ideas such as "making the global house full of flowers" or "planning many fun events with undergraduate students" came out in the discussion.

Also, they had a workshop called "Good points". It is a workshop that you name a good point of each other and form a positive atmosphere in the team.

The participated student said, "I was able to review what I learned at Living and Learning Program. We could build a great team, so I want to do my best to support the undergraduate students."




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