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Post date:16/Oct/2023

On September 29th, TEAM BUILDING training was held at Forest Adventure in Shinshiro general park.

The purpose of this training was to provide opportunities to students to learn from each other, to enhance cross-cultural understanding among students as a team, and to improve team cohesion and solidarity through team building, thereby contributing to the globalization of the university.

A total of 30 GAC students, international students, and general students participated.

The students who participated in the event played a variety of mini-games to deepen their friendship and learn the importance of communication and independence.

Students who participated in this activity said, "Through this activity, I understood that it does not work well if it is only led by the leader. I think it is very important for each teammate to express his or her own opinion." " I would like to maintain a balance within the team and encourage everyone to express their opinions."

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