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GAC bodybuilders debut on FM Radio

Post date:10/Mar/2021

Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT) is collaborating with FM Toyohashi to announce TUT's activities.

GAC students and bodybuilders Haruki Koshi (2nd year, Master's course in Mechanical Engineering) and Tomoaki Mouri (1st year, Master's course in Architecture and Civil Engineering) participated in a recording of the FM radio program "Tenhaku no Shiro Gikadai", which was broadcast on February 6.

Scene of the radio recording
(left)Mr. Koshi (right)Mr. Mouri

Mr. Koshi and Mr. Mouri worked hard on their training while studying and participated in the Muscle Gate Ishikawa and Gold Gym Japan Cup bodybuilding competitions held in November last year, winning prizes for the respective competitions. In the broadcast, they talked about how they started bodybuilding, how they trained and lost weight for the competition, and how the competition went.

Mr. Koshi won the Men's Physique 172cm and under category and the Classic Physique 175cm and under category, while Mr. Mouri won the Classic Physique 168cm and under category, the Bodybuilding 65kg and under category, and the Men's Physique 168cm and under category. In addition, the two were awarded a Student Commendation, which is given to individuals and groups that have achieved particularly outstanding results and achievements in extracurricular activities at the university in the year 2020.

Both students are involved in research and training, and say that they believe that research and training have a lot in common in terms of thoroughly researching and practicing the questions they are trying to answer. We look forward to watching their future activities.

You can listen to the broadcast at the archive below.




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