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Event report “TEAM Setsubun” ~The Bean Throwing War~

Post date:05/Feb/2021

A setsubun event was held by Global House TEAM Setsubun.

This event was shifted to held online due to avoid the spread of new virus. The TEAM member elaborated a unique plan to enjoy the Spring festival.

At the event, the TEAM member introduced various ways to celebrate spring in their home countries. They had presentations about Spring festivals in Japan, the US, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Mongol. The students who participated to this event showed their interests to every presentation. The stories are all new to every student and they enjoyed to learn about other countries.

After the presentation, the participants colored their Damon-mask and gathered at Global House Square. They kept their social-distance and enjoyed throwing beans. Everyone played everyone's Damon, and chased out the bad luck from each other.

Eho-maki (The special type of Sushi for Setsubun) was given to all participants. They shared its deliciousness to each other online.

2020 had been a tough year to all of us. We wished a healthy, interactive 2021.

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