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Background and Objectives

Toward the realization of a Multicultural Global Campus

I am overjoyed to see that Toyohashi University of Technology (Toyohashi Tech) has been selected for the Top Global University Project.

At Toyohashi Tech we have a long history of collaborative international research and actively accepting students from overseas, but with this opportunity I hope we can take another step forward to become a university worthily of the name of a Multicultural Global Campus.

Toyohashi Tech specializes in providing higher education to graduates of Japan's technical colleges. We also enthusiastically accept students from regular and technical high schools to join our mission to provide the more human resources to support Japan's industry.

Providing all of our students with the opportunities to become leading engineers and researchers on the wider global stage, will enable them to further assist in the development of Japan's primary sectors.

Toyohashi Tech's Top Global University concept aims to create an environment where undergraduate and graduate students from inside and outside the university can further themselves through friendly rivalry, beyond the barriers of language and culture.

Through this, we aim to foster "Global Technology Architects" creative leaders in science and technology with a solid international grounding.

Toyohashi University of Technology President
Takashi Onishi

Background of the Top Global University Project

The development of scientific technology has caused rapid globalization of society and economy where capital and information as well as products and labor move ever increasingly on a global scale. This significant change has transformed the qualifications demanded of the pioneering Japanese engineers who lead our nation's industries. There is now a pressing need for engineers to have interpersonal and cultural skills to enable them to work effectively worldwide.

Japan has been fostering human resources with advanced technical knowledge and skills who will be future leaders in Japan. They are trained at companies or through internship after gaining basic academic knowledge and skills at the university.

However, in society where the market and business environment have rapidly been globalized, we need to improve the conventional system for engineer training in Japan so that engineers can gain the ability to resolve problems in innovative ways. For example, future leading engineers are expected to have the abilities/skills below.

Important skills for leading engineers

  • Ability to understand and express oneself amidst diverse value sets with superior language skills and open-mindedness toward different cultures
  • Ability to grasp problems and analyze them as well as coming up with ideas and creating solutions backed by scientific knowledge and superior technical capabilities
  • Cultural awareness, willingness to take on challenges, plus leadership ability tempered with a flexible and tolerant sprit of cooperation

Toyohashi University of Technology refers to a 'Global Technology Architect' as an engineer who possesses the above skills to a high degree and are active on the global stage. A 'Global Technology Architect' is a practical and creative leading engineer who understands the diversity of the global community, and is capable of taking on challenges in cooperation with people of different cultures and values.

Based on the university's mission and philosophy, we aim to foster 'Global Technology Architects' who are greatly needed in today's society. Moreover, it is our mission to contribute to Japan's global competitiveness and the sustained economic growth of the world's industries in a profound way.

Relationship between globalization and engineers


Objective of the Top Global University Project

Creating 'Multicultural Global Campus' with high international compatibility and fostering high-level engineers active on the global stage- 'Global Technology Architects'. In order to foster 'Global Technology Architects' - 'practical and creative leading engineer' who are needed in this globalized society, it is necessary to implement unconventional attempts to create international environment at our whole university.

The mission of Toyohashi University of Technology is to conduct education and research of technological science (scholarship for the development of new technology with technology backed by science), and its philosophy is the nurturing of practical and creative leading engineers who have a well-rounded sense of humanity and a global view in addition to willingness to coexist with nature, as well as the researching of ultramodern and pioneering technology that will kick off the next generation. Based on the above mission and philosophy, the university is executing the following distinct missions with the objective of developing human resources who will "master technology and create technology" in a global society.

  • Pioneering human resource development of advanced engineers who have superior abilities in technological development and who have the capability to lead our nation's industries as well as research and development to be globally competitive.
  • Fostering engineers who can generate innovation and flourish globally by taking advantage of our distinctive track record education.
  • The active promotion of two way student exchange with foreign universities, international joint research, and human resource exchanges centered on the ASEAN countries, utilizing our overseas education base at Malaysia.

Based on the education and research skills we have developed since the opening of this university, we will transform ourselves into a university that will achieve a 'Multicultural Global Campus' with high international compatibility and to foster "Global Technology Architects" by implementing radical globalization measures university-wide, that we have not been able to take up until now.

Toyohashi Tech's 10-year Vision

We aim to create:

A university of technology with a focus on graduate studies which recruits technical college students and outstanding talents from around the world, and forging a new era in science and technology, and fostering high-level engineers who are active on the global stage;

A campus where a global perspective shared across the university creates a welcoming environment for international students, teachers and staff;


A barrier free environment in terms of language and culture permeates the entire university.

Last Updated:12/5/2016