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Time Schedule

Establishment of 'Global Technology Architects Course'

The 'Global technology architects' course will start accepting 3rd-year students in April, 2017, and 1st-year students in April, 2018. Please click here for details.

Establishment of Multicultural Boarding House

The students of the Global Technology Architect Course will, in principle, apply for the boarding system and live in the Multicultural Boarding House. House design and construction start in 2016. Various educational programs are planned as well for the Multicultural Boarding House. Please click here for details.

Strengthening Global Capability Upgrade of All Students, Faculty and University Staff

We will create programs which establish and promote a two-way connection with the global stage, facilitating borderless interaction of students, teachers and staff between TUT and the world. From 2017, we will further proceed with personnel exchanges with overseas partner universities.

Overview of the time schedule

Implementation Structure

In order to implement this project, 'Top Global University Project Promotion Headquarters' was launched under the leadership of the president in November 2014 and the 'Top Global University Project promotion office' was formally established in January 2015.

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