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Student Organized Event: Global House Summer Festival 2021

Post date:10/Sep/2021

On a wonderfully sunny day, August 8th, the Global House Summer Festival 2021 was held. The festival took careful measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, limiting participants to students and people related to the university.

Participants enjoyed a wide range of stands, from traditional Japanese festival games such as target practice and a ring toss to a photo booth inspired by social networking sites.

Participants were handed Ramune, a popular soda drink during summer, and the international students seemed very interested to see this unique drink for the first time.

After the sun went down, participants enjoyed performing Otagei, rather than the Bon dance. It was certainly a great opportunity for the international students to experience a wide range of Japanese culture.

Comments from the students who organized the event: 

This year's summer festival in Toyohashi City was cancelled due to the coronavirus. I wanted international students to experience the Japanese summer festival, so I planned this event.

I'm glad we held this event because it gave us a chance to interact with people we don't normally get to see due to infection control. I was happy to see that some of the participants were new to the Global House events and others hadn't been to one in a while.

We prepared for the event during the exam period, so we only had about two days to get ready, but everyone on the management team worked hard and focused on making it a success.




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