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Multicultural Boarding House


As part of the new "Global Technology Architect Course", a new shared-house style of student accommodation, which will enable international and Japanese students to live together on campus, will be built. The total capacity will be 180 students. Both Japanese and International students will be expected to gain essential skills required in this globalized society, through living together at the multicultural environment and using English as the common language.

The new student accommodation consists of 6 three-story buildings (Each building can accommodate 30 students) and 1 common building. 5 students share each unit (living & dining room, kitchen and bath room). Along with the commencement of the new course from April 2017, 2 buildings and 1 common building will be completed and all buildings will also be completed by the end of March 2019. The new accommodation will be built adjacent to the existing student apartments (The total capacity is approx. 600 students). About 800 students in total will live on campus. This shows that 36% (25% international students) of all students will live in the same site of university.

The program for student study support and various events are planned in an educational boarding house. Permanent house masters, residents' assistants and faculty will be station there as well. The program will help students develop global communication capability, interpersonal skills, knowledge and leadership. This activity is carried out not only in a multicultural boarding house but also at the existing student apartments as well. In addition to this, the special district is constituted, where students are living, eating, and studying in a various cultural environment on campus. This will realize a multicultural, university-wide globalization.

An overview of the new on-campus global student accomodation

The design concept "En-connections" was created by the winner of an on campus competition. "En" is the Japanese word for meaningful social relations. It aims to connect people to people through the use of a boundary free multicultural space.

Expanding Social Relations through;

  • 5 rooms are connected through common living & dining room
  • 2 units are connected through a common balcony and terrace
  • 6 buildings and 1 common building are connected through a community square
  • From the global student accomodation to the overall campus

TUT Global House Plan view of units

(Web)Floor Plan_En.png

Floor Plan and Life Image

(Web) En-Connections.png

Expanding social relations

(Web) Community Square.png

Area Plan


Whole Campus

Existing Accommodations

  • Student Dormitory (all single rooms・Capacity: 600 people・inclusive of international students)
    • For undergraduate male students: 4 buildings (shared bathroom style)
    • For graduate male students:1 building ( private toilet, and shower or bathtub)
    • Priority rooms for undergraduate female students: 1building (furnished kitchen, toilet, and shower or bathtub)
  • International student apartment (International House・54 rooms)
    • Single room 40 , Couple room 6, Family room 8
  • For short-term researchers (Village TEMPAKU・14 rooms)
  • For part-time employees( HIBARI Apartment・7 rooms)

Last Updated:22/Mar/2019