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Operation Team

Below are the persons and the organizations involved in the management and operation of the Global House.

1) Unit Leaders (one unit leader per unit)

Up to five students live in each unit of the Global House. These students take turns serving as a unit leader, changing over every month in principle.
Unit leaders perform coordination to resolve issues that arise within the unit while receiving support from the housemaster, the GHSC, and GAC mentors. (Rather than solving the issues by themselves, unit leaders should encourage other members of their unit to discuss and solve the issues.)
Unit leaders attend the Unit Leader Meeting (ULM) that takes place once a month to share information and strengthen their skills.

2) Global House Student Committee (GHSC)

"GHSC" is a representative organization composed of motivated volunteer students who can demonstrate a genuine commitment to GAC and Global House policies. With the mission "Act with responsibility thereby creating a positive and fulfilling multicultural environment for Global House residents and the wider university", members do the actions below.

  • Plan and operate the yearly events hosted by the GHSC to promote mutual exchange between residents (general meeting, farewell party, welcome party for new students, etc.)
  • Operate the Unit Leader Meeting (ULM) once a month
  • Appropriately manage the grants and equipment provided by the university and the funds and goods independently managed by students
  • Manage Global Assembly Room (Common building)
  • Communicate and coordinate with the Student Affairs Division, Global House Supporters consisting of faculty members and staff, and other university organizations as a contact point representing all students living in the Global House

3) GAC Mentors

GAC graduate students meeting certain standards are appointed as a "GAC mentor." GAC mentors provide GHSC members with instructions to enable them to lead the operation of the ULM.

4) Housemaster

The housemaster is responsible for overseeing the entire Global House.
If an issue arising in a unit cannot be solved through discussion among unit members, the housemaster consults with the unit leader or sometimes joins the discussions among the unit members and helps them solve the issue.
The housemaster serves as a "bridge" to help students in the Global House get the support they need. Therefore, students are encouraged to consult with the housemaster if there is something that they cannot solve by themselves.

5) Global House Program Coordinator

The Global House Program Coordinator works on the "Living & Learning Program" of the Global House jointly with the housemaster.
Additionally, the Program Coordinator supervises the implementation of the Unit Leader Meeting (ULM) and strengthens the capacity of GHSC members who operate the ULM and the GAC mentors that support it through their instruction.

6) Global House Supporters

The Global House Supporters is a team consisting of faculty members, administrative staff, the housemaster, and the program coordinator. This team provides support for the implementation of Global House yearly events and the resolution of Global House management issues. It functions like a consultation team comprising the housemaster and the program coordinator.
In addition, the supporters assist with the activities of the Global House Student Committee (GHSC) and sometimes coordinate with the university secretariat and executives.

7) Student Affairs Division & International Affairs Division of TUT's Administrative Bureau

These administrative organizations are responsible for the administrative work of the Global House based on the "TUT Student Boarding House Regulations" and the implementation and management of the "Living & Learning Program."

Members Responsible for the Management and Operation of the Global House

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