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At Toyohashi University of Technology, we will continue to support students who have global sensibilities and who aim to play an active role in the world by making use of initiatives in the Top Global University Project.

At Toyohashi University of Technology, we will continue to support students who have global sensibilities and who aim to play an active role in the world by making use of initiatives in the Top Global University Project.

What We Do

Globally-connected Living

Globally-connected Living

Get a sense for study abroad life while in Japan at the on-campus TUT Global House

At the share house-style TUT Global House, you can find a variety of encounters, interactions, and learning through living together with friends from Japan and around the world. Currently, students from ten countries, including Japan, Malaysia, Mongol, and Vietnam, live in the dorm. Various student-led activities are held throughout the year, including sports and cultural festivals, and you can experience a globally-connected life while living in Toyohashi.

Learning in a Common Global Tongue

Learning in a Common Global Tongue

Many classes are bilingual in Japanese and English. You can ask questions in either language

Bilingual classes at TUT feature Japanese spoken by teachers, English textbooks, and English and Japanese used together on the blackboard, slides, etc. Either English or Japanese can be used for tests, reports, and comments during class.

Practical Overseas Experience

Practical Overseas Experience

Internships abroad

You can complete the required fourth year Internship at an overseas company or university. Practical experience abroad during your years as a student will become an invaluable experience. After the two-month Internship in your fourth year, you can continue it until the start of June in the first term of a graduate program (Project-based internship).

Know the World

Know the World

TUT Leap Forward to the World (Habatake TUT) Program (for all students)

We offer students short-term international opportunities and encourage them to challenge themselves in a new environment through this Habatake TUT program. During the covid-19 pandemic, we continued the Habatake TUT program on a limited basis. We provided scholarships for international online programs to prompt students to get in touch with the outside world and maintain their aspiration and motivation to study abroad. In 2022, we resumed international travel.


  • The City University of New York Program
  • Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Program
  • Cross-Cultural Training Program in Penang, Malaysia
  • Sending students to a university with an exchange agreement
  • International online programs
Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Exchange programs for global education experience

Student Exchange Program
Students will study abroad for one to two terms at TUT partner universities and earn course credits..
Seamless Student Exchange Program (for Master's and doctoral students)
Students will take courses to earn credits or engage in research at TUT partner universities in the U.S. and Europe. Scholarships will be awarded to eligible students.
Travel to Foreign Universities

Travel to Foreign Universities

Program to earn a degree from a foreign university (in first or last term of graduate program)

Double Degree Program
This program allows a student to enter TUT in the first or last term of a graduate program and enter a master's or graduate program of a foreign university at the same time. The student receives education, research guidance, etc. for at least one year at each university, and if the student completes all the requirements, he or she can earn a degree from both universities.
IMLEX(The International Master of Science Program in Imaging and Light in Extended Reality)
After entering TUT in the first term of a graduate program and improving their English for a few months, students will enroll in a master's program at two foreign graduate schools. After that, students receive research guidance at TUT, and in two and a half years, students can earn degrees from three universities in three countries (Japan, Finland, and Belgium or France) with this program.
Study Abroad Advice

Study Abroad Advice

Consider your choices

Studying abroad is a chance to consider the future and bring out your abilities to the fullest. Take the first step towards studying abroad, something only you can do.


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