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Event report “TEAM Setsubun” ~The Bean Throwing War~

Event report “TEAM Christmas” ~Global House Online Christmas Party~

Special session report: Global Career Sessions with Guest Speakers

Global House TEAM debut on FM Radio

General Cleanup at TUT Global House: Residents and "TEAM Big-Cleanup" made it very clean!

Event report:Halloween Rally

Global House Student Committee (GHSC) for 2020 fall semester is ready to go!

Event report: Water Balloon Fes

2020 Report: Intensive GTA Seminar

Global Technology Architects Course(GAC) First-year Student Application Guideline for April 2021 Enrollment

Special Scholarship for Third-year International GAC Students 2021

Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for First-year International GAC Students 2021

TUT Research | No.22 (Sep. 2020) has been published

“Team PR” is making the TUT Global House introduction video

2020 Spring Report: Unit Leaders’ Meeting

2020 Spring Report: Peer Session

Global House Student Committee (GHSC) for 2020 spring semester is ready to go!

Measures for COVID-19 at TUT Global House

TUT Research | No.21 (May 2020) has been published

GAC “Online Welcome Party 2020” A new era of campus life has begun!

2019 Fall Report: The Open Square has been finished.

"Global House & Student Life" page renewed

TUT Research | No.20 (February 2020) has been published

(for New Residents) TUT Global House Basic Info

2019 Report: Peer Session