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TUT Research | No.27 (Nov. 2021) has been published

Special Scholarship for Third-year International GAC Students 2022

GAC Brochure2021 has been published

TUT Research | No.26 (Sep. 2021) has been published

Student Organized Event: Global House Summer Festival 2021

GAC Student won the Aichi Prefecture Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship.

We will exhibit at “Study in Japan Virtual Fair 2021” hosted by JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization).

GAC Students Speak at 3rd Symposium on TUT’s Efforts Future Reforms in the with/After COVID 19

TUT Research | No.25 (May. 2021) has been published

Global House TEAM debut on FM Radio

"One Day Camp", a welcome event for new students

“Global Skills Improvement Training” held during spring break

First GAC students complete the GAC course

GAC's first graduates honoured with Global Leader Award

TOEIC L&R Preparation Seminar" by Hiro Maeda

The 4th Global House General Meeting

Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT) launched the portal site "tut global"

GAC bodybuilders debut on FM Radio

TUT Research | No.24 (Feb. 2021) has been published

TUT PR Picture Taken

Event report “TEAM Setsubun” ~The Bean Throwing War~

Event report “TEAM Christmas” ~Global House Online Christmas Party~

Special session report: Global Career Sessions with Guest Speakers

Global House TEAM debut on FM Radio

General Cleanup at TUT Global House: Residents and "TEAM Big-Cleanup" made it very clean!



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