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Global House Student Committee (GHSC) appointment ceremony for 2018

TUT Global House held a welcome event for Jit Sin high school students from Malaysia

Sports event: Students in TUT Global House bond through sports

TUT Research | No.15 (November 2018) has been published

Scholarship Program for First-year International GAC Students 2019

TUT Global House: Resident Assistants appointed for the second semester 2018 started their activities!

TUT Global House held "RecogNight: A social gathering with companies from the Toyohashi Iron Works Association"

The third "International Understanding Forum” for 2018 was held on Sunday, October 21

“Global House Student Committee (GHSC)” newly established!

BBQ Party: Students in TUT Global House deepen further friendship

TUT Research | No.14 (September 2018) has been published

Students hosted “TUT Summer Festival” at the TUT Global house

The second "International Understanding Forum" for 2018 was held on Wednesday, July 11

GAC Students joined & supported 'The International Exchange Day: TUT EXPO 2018'.

Founders Interview: International Understanding Forum (IUF)

The first "International Understanding Forum 2018" was held on Wednesday, June 13

Open Campus 2018 will be held on Saturday, August 25!

GAC 1st-year Enrollment : Guidelines for 2019 Admissions have been officially announced

TUT Research | No.13 (May 2018) has been published.

"TUT Global House" activities be introduced in FM Radio programme on May 26

Welcome Party: TUT Global House starts 2018 in a great spirit of friendship!

GAC Undergraduate 3rd-year 2019 Enrollment : Admission page has been updated.

“TOYOHASHI VEGE-night” article appeared in the newspaper.

TUT Research | No.12 (February 2018) has been published.

TUT Global House held “TOYOHASHI VEGE-night: Social gathering with ‘Inochio Holdings Inc.’”